TLC School Age Care (Kindegarten – 5th Grade)

TLC Before & After School Care: Supporting Your Child’s Growth

Welcome to TLC Before & After School Care at Nishna Valley YMCA, where we provide a safe and supportive environment for your child outside of regular school hours. Our program offers a range of engaging activities, homework assistance, and supervised free play to ensure a well-rounded experience. With dedicated staff members, we focus on fostering social-emotional development, academic support, and character building. From fun games and arts and crafts to organized sports and enriching projects, our TLC program promotes personal growth and enhances your child’s overall well-being. Trust us to provide quality care and create a positive and nurturing environment for your child before and after school.

Start the Day Right: Before School Care Program

Start your child’s day on a positive note with our Before School Program at Nishna Valley YMCA. Operating Monday through Friday, we open our doors bright and early at 6:00am. This program ensures that your child receives a safe and supportive environment before the school day begins, giving you peace of mind as you navigate your busy schedule. Our dedicated staff provides engaging activities, supervised play, and a nutritious breakfast to fuel their day. Join us and let your child start their mornings with friends, fun, and a positive start to the day.


Unwind, Learn, and Play: After School Care Program

When the school bell rings, our TLC Afterschool Program at Nishna Valley YMCA kicks into action, providing a nurturing space for your child until 6:00pm. We understand that the hours after school are valuable for continued growth, engagement, and relaxation. Our program is designed to offer a diverse range of activities, fostering both educational and recreational pursuits to keep your child active, engaged, and inspired. From homework assistance and academic enrichment to arts and crafts, sports, and social activities, we create an environment that promotes personal growth, creativity, and social interaction. Join us and let your child unwind, learn, and play in a supportive and fun-filled after school setting.


Safe and Nurturing Environment

Our Before & After School Care program provides a safe and nurturing environment for your child. With dedicated staff members, we prioritize their well-being and ensure a supportive space where they can thrive, interact with peers, and engage in enriching activities.

Continued Learning Opportunities

Before & After School Care offers continued learning opportunities outside of regular school hours. We provide homework assistance, educational activities, and opportunities for academic enrichment, helping your child reinforce what they have learned in school and develop important skills.

Socialization and Personal Growth

Participating in Before & After School Care allows children to engage in socialization with peers, fostering important social skills, teamwork, and friendships. It also provides a platform for personal growth, building confidence, resilience, and independence as they explore new activities and pursue their interests.