Schedule & Activities


At Jack & Jill Preschool, we believe that learning is a creative activity which is built on ones experiences. Young children need the opportunity and time to explore, experiment, reflect on their experiences, develop their physical capabilities and interact with their peers. It is our goal at Jack & Jill Preschool to provide each child with materials and activities that are developmentally appropriate in a place that is safe, non-threatening, and most importantly, FUN!

Classes Offered:

Mon., Wed., Fri. 8:10-11:30am 
Mon., Wed., Fri. 12:10-3:30pm
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8:10-11:30am 
Tues., Thurs. 9:00-11:30am 
Tues., Thurs. 12:30-3:00pm. 

Activities Offered:

  • Opening activities
  • reading
  • music
  • munchies
  • large and small groups
  • large motor activities(indoor/outdoor)
  • games
  • crafts
  • field trips
  • special events
  • visitors
  • swimming


  • Designed to meet each child's needs.
  • Tuition grants are available and confidential.  Forms may be obtained through the preschool and are based on yearly income.
  • Jack & Jill Preschool is a licensed preschool through the Department of Human Services (DHS).
  • They also have been evaluated on the ECERS Scale (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale).
  • Jack and Jill is a 5 star program (out of a 5 star) through QRS (Quality Rating System).
  • Transportation forms are available

How to Enroll:

Forms may be obtained at Jack & Jill Preschool or by calling 243-3934. The Director/Staff will provide information on availability in the program, a Parent handbook, and other information. We also welcome any visits to the Preschool for you and your child.

Fees Per Month:

Registration Fee:

$50 (one time only nonrefundable)

Our Preschool Director has an Elementary Education Degree and Early Childhood Endorsement. Our assistants have past experience and continued education for Early Childhood through the AEA (Area Education Agency) and the CCRR (Child Care Resource Referral). Also, the Preschool participates in the Q.R.S. (quality rating system). 50% or more of the teaching staff are para educators. Each teacher strives to bring out the in best in each child.

We will practice tornado and fire drills once a month throughout the school year. Schedule is subject to change. Please make sure you check your child's canisters in their book bag for other important information.

Jack and Jill Staff

Jack and Jill Activities 2021-22

*Activities may be added or changed throughout the school year.

Sept 1-2: Open house 12-6pm All classes, come and go
Sept 1-Oct 12:  Pizza Sales
Sept 7: T-Th (3yr olds), MTThF (4 yr olds) classes begin
Sept 8: MWF (4yr olds) Classes begin
Sept 13-14: Ms. Lora visit  – A camping we will go
Sept 13-14: Fire drill
Sept 15: No Classes – Prof. Dev.
Sept 16: Field trip to Villa Dance  (TTh only)
Sept 17: Field trip to Dance Atlantic (MWF/MTThF only)
Sept 20-21:  Book orders due
Sept 20-21: Ms. Sue visit
Sept 27-28: Tornado drill

Oct 4-5:  Field Trip to Fire Station
Oct 4-5: Fire drill
Oct 7-8: Swim day
Oct 11-12: Ms. Lora visit – Eye spy   
Oct 13: No Classes – Prof. Dev.
Oct 14-15: Grandparents Day  (come and go)
Oct 18-19:  Book orders due
Oct 18-19: Ms. Sue visit
Oct 21: Pizza Pickup 3-6pm Racquetball court
Oct 25-26: Picture Day (Fischer Photography)     
Oct 25-26: Tornado drill         
Oct 27-28: Harvest Parties
Oct 29: No Classes – Teacher work day

Nov 2-3:  PJ/Pizza Party
Nov 4-5:  Swim day
Nov 8-9:  Book orders due
Nov 8-9: Fire drill
Nov 10-11:  No Classes – Prof. Dev.
Nov 15-16: Ms. Lora visit – My 5 senses
Nov 17-18: 4yr old Conferences
Nov 22-23: Ms. Sue visit
Nov 23-24: Thanksgiving Feast
Nov 25-26:  No School – Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 29-30: Tornado drill

Dec 2-3: Field Trip to Festival of Trees
Dec 6-7: Book orders due
Dec 6-7: Ms. Lora – Animal tracks
Dec 6-7: Fire drill
Dec 13-14: Ms. Sue
Dec 13-14: Tornado drill
Dec 20: Christmas program practice (MWF/MTThF classes only)
Dec 20-21: Christmas Party
Dec 22: Christmas Program at St
      Paul’s (MWF/MTTF classes only)
Dec 23-Jan 3: Christmas break

Jan 4:  MTThF (4yr olds) and  TTh (3 yr olds) classes resume
Jan 5: MWF classes resume
Jan 10-11: Ms. Lora visit  – The Mitten
Jan 10-11: Fire drill
Jan 13-14: Swim day
Jan 17-18: Book orders due
Jan 17-18: Ms. Sue visit
Jan 19: No Classes – Prof. Dev.
Jan 24-25: Tornado drill

Feb 7-8: Ms. Lora visit  – Dinosaurs
Feb 7-8: Fire drill
Feb 9: No Classes – Prof. Dev.
Feb 10-11:  Swim day
Feb 14-15:  Valentine Parties
Feb 16-17: Book orders due
Feb 21-22: Ms. Sue visit
Feb 21-22: Tornado drill
Feb TBD: Field Trip to Post Office (MWF/MTThF only)

Mar 7-8: Fire drill
Mar 10-11: Dad’s Day/Swim day (come and go)
Mar 14-15: Ms. Lora visit – Fairytales
Mar 14-15: Book orders due
Mar 21-25:  No school  – Spring Break
Mar 28-29: Ms. Sue visit
Mar 28-29: Tornado drill

Apr 4-5: Fire drill
Apr 7-8:  Swim Day
Apr 11-12:  Mrs. Lora visit – Baby animals
Apr 11-12:  Book orders due
Apr 15: Good Friday – No Classes
Apr 18-19: Ms. Sue visit
Apr 19 & 21: 3 yr old conferences
Apr 20: No school – Prof. Dev.
Apr 25-26: Tornado drill
Apr 27-28: 4yr old conferences

May 2-3: Book orders due
















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