MyZone is a heart rate training tool.

MyZone is a heart rate tracking system in which the MyZone Fitness Belt will display, record, and track your heart rate while you work out. MyZone differs from other heart rate systems because it is able to provide you with instant feedback while you're working out. It displays how hard you're working out and what heart rate zone you're in while you're working out. Within MyZone, are training "Zones" which are categorized by gray, blue, green, yellow, and red colors. Each zone is specific to each individual because it is based off of your maximum heart rate. Through your workouts, you will be able to accumulate MEPs, or points. For each minute you work out in a specific color, you'll earn so many MEPs. The harder you work, the more MEPs you can earn per minute. Your online account will allow you to view past workouts, track progress, monitor your goals, challenge your friends, and so much more.

Here at the Y, we'll be running different challenges where your MEPs will earn you prizes and giveaways. For more information you can contact Allison Knox-Westmeyer who is our MyZone Champion here at the Y.



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