Youth Aquatic Programs


Who: Children 3 - 5 years old
When: September 7-29 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
            Registration Begins August 1, 2021
Time: AM Class 9:00-9:30AM
          PM Class 5:15-5:45PM
Choose either AM or PM session
Fee: $50 Members $70 Non-Members
Class size is limited to 8

 SCHOOL AGE CLASSES (Age 6 and up)

Who: Children 5 years old and older
When: September 7-29 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
            Registration Begins August 1, 2021
Time: AM Class 9:45-10:15AM
          AM Class 10:30-11:00AM
          PM Class 6:00-6:30pm
Choose one session only
Fee: $50 Members $70 Non-Members
Class size limited to 10 

Click Here to see swim lesson overview.

Future lesson dates for Preschool Age and School Age 
November 8-30 (Mon & Tues)
Feb. 7 - March 3 (Mon & Wed)


Private Swimming Lessons

Are always available are for people of any age. You will get one on one instruction. Private lessons allow the instructor to give their student 100% of her or his attention. Our instructors will evaluate each swimmer and plan lessons according to the participants particular strengths and weaknesses. With private lessons, you can pick a time that works in your schedule. Please be aware, if a participant fails to come at a scheduled time without advance notice, the session is still counted.

Click Here to see swim lesson overview.

Any questions contact YMCA at 712-243-3934 






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